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Best Catering In Point Cook

We are a catering company based on delicious punjabi food, located at Melbourne. We prepare the most delicious Indian food you can ever have. Our main chef Jeeta’s main food culture is Indian cuisine from the north to the eastern to the southern regions.

If you are wondering where are Punjabi restaurants near me or searching for the best vegetarian restaurants near me, you need to visit Jeeta catering and restaurant. We also are a catering company that provides Catering In Point Cook and the suburbs around Melbourne.

Point Cook residents no longer have to drive to Melbourne to enjoy wonderful Punjabi cuisine. Jeeta Catering and Restaurant has grown its empire and now delivers to Point Cook.

Why Us?

We are a well known Indian restaurant and catering service company rooted in melbourne. Our chefs cook with passion creating every single dish to perfection. Our food will make you feel like you are sitting in India and the food is filled with richness and flavor.

We know what we do and we are proud of our delicious Indian and Indo-Chinese foods, they are packed with flavors and Indian spices.



If you’re having a small gathering at your home and don’t want to spend the entire day cooking, get our 15-person package. It comes with white rice, naan roti, raita, and salad, as well as your choice of two appetisers and two main courses.

There are two packages to select from for catering services: order for 25 or more people and order for 35 or more people.

Packages for 25 persons and more are $25 and $28 pp. Each package includes 2 starters + 2 mains and 3 starters + 3 mains, as well as rice, naan, raita, and salad. Packages for 35 persons and more are $30, $32, $36, and $38 per dish. They come with rice, naan, raita, and salad, and come with 4 starters + 3 mains, 4 starters + 4 mains, 5 starters + 4 mains + 1 dessert, and 5 starters + 5 mains +1 dessert, respectively.

For an extra fee, we may set up a buffet station or a buffet with one service personnel for catering services. The service crew will only be available for 5 hours at a cost of $299. We also provide disposable cutlery and drinks at $5.99 per person.

Jeeta Catering,
4 Lohse Street Laverton, VIC 3028

+61 406 553 448

Open: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm