Always searching for good Indian Punjabi restaurants? Tired of typing best Indian restaurants, Indian restaurants near me, Punjabi restaurants near me, or even vegetarian restaurants near me on google, and not getting a good place to eat? 

Worry no more, Jeeta catering and restaurant is a Melbourne-based Indian restaurant that also provides catering services for various occasions and celebrations in the surrounding areas. And now we are catering and delivering to your place. 

People in Trugania don’t have to travel to Melbourne to get their delicious Punjabi food anymore. Jeeta catering and restaurant has expanded their empire, and they now deliver to Trugania.

About Us

Jeeta catering and restaurant focuses on providing catering services in Melbourne and other suburbs for a variety of occasions, including workplace parties, family celebrations, and corporate events. We think of food as a common thread that binds people together.

Jeeta specializes in a broad variety of scrumptious Indian cuisine from the north to the eastern to the southern regions. We have put forth a lot of effort to create delectable foods that are cooked with love and attention.


What's in our menu

For small gatherings:

If it is a small get-together at your house and you don’t feel like cooking the whole day, simply order our 15 people package. It includes 2 starters of your choice, 2 mains of your choice, and comes with white rice, naan roti, raita, and salad.

Catering packages:

We have 2 packages to choose from, order for 25 people and above and order for 35 people and above. 25 people and above – $25 and $28 per plate packages. We include 2 starters + 2 mains and 3 starters + 3 mains respectively, with rice, naan, raita, and salad with each package.  35 people and above – $30, $32, $36 and $38 per plate packages. We include 4 starters + 3 mains, 4 starters + 4 mains, 5 starters + 4 mains + 1 dessert, and 5 starters + 5 mains +1 dessert respectively, with rice, naan, raita, and salad with each package. 

Note: For catering services, we also provide a buffet station setup or a buffet setup with 1 service staff at an additional cost. The service staff will be provided only for 5 hours per $299.

Home orders:

For normal meal delivery, you can choose from our different food items. We have veg starters, Indo-Chinese veg starters, and main, tandoori veg, non-veg starters, tandoori non-veg, Indo-Chinese non-veg, and main courses both veg and non-veg.

Jeeta Catering,
4 Lohse Street Laverton, VIC 3028

+61 406 553 448

Open: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm