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Alongside serving the most sought-after dishes in the most-popular Indian Restaurant Jeetas Catering & RestaurantĀ in MelbourneĀ In addition, we are also considered the Best Indian Catering in Melbourne.

If you are hosting a party and need to plan a party, you can be sure to rely on us. No matter if it’s a family gathering or corporate event, or even the smallest party you can throw within your backyard, we can cater to all, regardless of the occasion.

Jeeta's Catering & Restaurant - The Most Experienced Indian Food Catering In Melbourne

With years of experience and a reputed Best Indian Caterers Melbourne we are well-versed in Indian cuisine and are considered the best Indian caterers for food in Melbourne inside-out. Our team is composed of highly skilled and experienced chefs and cooks, many of whom have been employed in numerous Indian restaurants across the world and in India. In addition, we have our very own star Jeeta Zaildar is well-known for his distinct, fresh-tasting curries as well as his mastery of the art of tandoor.

In the case of our top Indian Caterers in Melbourne. The menus are designed exclusively by our customers although we’re always happy to provide suggestions. We enjoy creating the most memorable tasting experience for your family, you and your guests.

Our catering services for food are offered for both outdoor and indoor events. If you’re planning to travel to a distant location to host a warm gathering with colleagues or need trustworthy Indian caterers to host your event in Melbourne. Indian Restaurant in Melbourne

Our Best Catering Service will help you create an unforgettable experience for your guests

Indian food scene is diverse as is its culture. Each type of function has its own distinct requirements. Here at Jeeta’s Catering & Restaurant, we understand the different requirements. We make a range of authentic Indian dishes that blend seamlessly with your preferences for food. If you’re looking for an all-vegetarian menu or a vegan menu we have a variety of meals that will match with your ideas.

Unique Catering experiences from Chats to Desserts for a Royal touch to your event

Enjoy the Live chat catering or indulge your palate with delicious desserts.
Our Live Chaat catering and Tandoor specials will have you and your guests coming back for seconds and even thirds if not more.
Whatever you’re thinking about we will put it to your table! Whatever the type or scale of your event, let our skilled team of chefs will help you create an unforgettable party.

Get Nostalgic with a taste of the Best Indian Catering Service in Melbourne

Indian food is one of the most delicious cuisines and yet one of the most complex when it come to making them for tens and even thousands of people. It requires a lot of experience and knowledge of cooking huge quantities to create an unforgettable catering experience. Our chefs are well-trained with a love of Indian cuisine. They will create an array of dishes that evoke an intense “Indian Vibes”.

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