About Us


For more than ten years, I have been committed to providing Functions Catering Melbourne for commercial venues, parties, business meetings, etc. As for me, I believe that food is a universal factor that unites people of all races and cultures. 

My specialty lies in a variety of delicious Indian cuisine, extending from the remote northern states through the eastern states to the southern states. Throughout my career as a chef, I have worked hard to provide delicious dishes made with love and care. 

Every dish I cook uses the best and safest ingredients to make the food delicious and free of harmful substances. For me, it’s about providing delicious food that makes people happy and satisfied. Perhaps this is what makes my catering service a perfect choice for various organizations and events in Melbourne. 

The most important thing is that the high-quality catering services in Melbourne and delicious food I provide have always been the topic of the people in the city. In addition, the simple background and education I received helped and encouraged me to create exciting seasonal menus that made people salivate. Every meal prepared is freshly cooked that day. Therefore, you can guarantee that the food that arrives on your plate is hot and fresh. More importantly, it is carefully prepared, just like what you get at home.


Jeeta Catering,
4 Lohse Street Laverton, VIC 3028

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Open: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm